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Bright Ideas: Clean Enough for Company

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Having your house a little messy shouldn’t be a deterrent to hosting family and friends for an impromptu get-together. It is all about prioritising your time so that everything looks perfectly in place, even if it is not.

Focus on What They’ll See First

Shake out the welcome mat. Dust the hallway. Sweep the floors, paying special attention to the sofa and chair legs, where dust tends to gather.

Add Shimmer & Shine

Quickly polish a silver vase, bowl or candlestick and place it in full view – perhaps on the coffee table or mantel. It’ll make guests think that everything looks as shiny and new as it does.

Beautify the Bathroom

You know your guests are going in there at some point, so take a minute or two to wipe down the sink and counter, put out some colourful guest towels, straighten the bath mat, and close the shower curtain or door. Place a flower from the garden in a vase, and turn off the lights in favour of candlelight.

Clean up the Kitchen

This is the place where everyone tends to congregate. Make sure your sink is clear of dishes (hide them away in the oven if you have to), then wipe down the counters, cooker top and fridge. Put out a platter of fruit or cheese and turn on some music.

Cope with Suspicious Smells

Change the cat litter or take out the rubbish. If any odours linger, make a pot of coffee; it will fill your house with a homey aroma. Plus, it is the hospitable thing to do!

Dim the Lights & Break out the Candles

Dust balls all but disappear. And who doesn’t look better by candlelight?

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