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Cleaning Basics: 10 Surprisingly Dirty Home Surfaces

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The most important part about a home is who it is shared with – family, friends and loved ones. Keeping the home clean for the people most important in your life can be difficult if you don’t know the areas that collect the most grime and dirt. With that in mind, we’ve created a list of 10 surprisingly dirty places in your home. Some are obvious, and some you might not have thought of, but with the right insight and products, you can tackle any of these dirty surfaces.

10. Filthy Taps

Unless you have automatic taps you’re going to be touching the handles twice – once when your hands are dirty, and again when your hands are clean. A lot of time is spent around the kitchen sink or washbasin, whether preparing dinner in the afternoon, or making sure the kids brush their teeth before bed, so keep a cloth and Mr Muscle® all-purpose cleaner under the sink or basin to wipe the tap after every use.

9. Don’t Forget the Handles and Light Switches

No one thinks of washing their hands before touching a handle or light switch, so it’s easy for those things to become dirty without you noticing. Try not to forget them when you’re cleaning the house.

8. The Last Place You’d Look: Dirt on Top of the Cupboards

Wiping down the front of cupboards is on just about everyone’s list of household chores, but have you ever looked at the cupboard tops? Chances are these haven’t been cleaned in years, and may have a mess you never knew about.

7. Dirty Baths

A hot bath is both relaxing and cleansing, but not all that dirty water goes down the drain. Try wiping the bath clean with Mr Muscle® bathroom cleaner after each soak. This will remove stagnant dirt and grime. Remember to rinse the bath after cleaning, before your next soaking.

6. Messy Fridge

Spilt drinks, sticky treats, and old snacks mean that cleaning the inside of the fridge is just as important as cleaning the outside. Use hot water and a Mr Muscle® kitchen cleaner to clean up any messy spills. Remember to remove the items from inside the fridge before cleaning, and to give cleaned surfaces a rinse before returning the items to the fridge.

5. Yucky Kitchen Sink

Due to food particles and moisture, the kitchen sink can be one of the dirtiest places in the house. Use a Mr Muscle kitchen cleaner to help get rid of, and prevent, grime build-up in the sink.

4. Beware the Toilet

You may not realise it, but every time you flush, micro particles splash out and around the toilet. Your comb, your husband’s razor, or even your children’s toothbrushes are often in range. Make sure you close the lid before flushing to prevent spreading toilet germs.

3. Remote Controls Can Be Nasty

After a long day, there’s nothing better than sitting back, relaxing and watching a show with the family. The problem is that everything you touched throughout the day lands on your remote. Try getting in the habit of wiping the remote with a paper towel and a small quantity of Mr Muscle® all-purpose cleaner every time you turn off the TV.

2. Unwanted Leftovers

When you’ve got a big family there’s a lot of cooking to be done. Things get spilt, crumbs tumble, and you often leave something behind that you never expected to. Next time you clean your stove, try pulling it away from the wall, then look behind it. Chances are you’ll see pieces of many of the meals you made before. After sweeping the area to remove loose dirt, use a Mr Muscle® all-purpose cleaner to take care of the dirt and grime you’ve found.

1. Germ-Filled Toothbrush Cup

The number one surprisingly dirty surface in the house is inside the toothbrush cup or holder. Spray from toilets, dirt from hands, and drips from just-used toothbrushes tend to collect at the bottom. Next time you wash your dishes, throw in the cup and give it a scrub to make sure your family’s teeth are as clean as can be.