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Cleaning Basics: How to Properly Clean Different Counter Types


Your home is reflection of you. So, just as you take care of yourself as best you can, you are going to want to take care of your home. To get your countertop nice and shiny, you will need to know the best way to clean it. With that in mind, we have created a list of common countertops found in the home.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile has become a countertop and backsplash classic. While it portrays a very clean, classic look, the tile surface can easily lose its lustre if neglected for long. Try using a Mr Muscle® kitchen or bathroom cleaner, depending on the countertop’s location, to make the ceramic sparkle.


Granite countertops can cost a pretty penny, so it’s important to keep them looking good for generations to enjoy. You’ll want to clean granite regularly with warm water and soap or a few drops of light detergent. Just don’t forget to rinse well to avoid streaks.

Also, to prevent wear and tear on granite countertops, you’ll need to make sure the surface is layered with a sealant. You can easily determine whether the countertop is sealed or not by splashing some water on its surface. If the granite absorbs the water, rather than causing it to bead, it is not properly sealed.

It’s also smart to have a few coasters around. The acid in coffee, fruit juice, and other common beverages can create deep scratches in the counter’s surface, and you probably don’t want your countertop to look like a cutting board.


Laminate counters are very easy to maintain, which is perfect when making school lunches on the go or preparing dinner in a rush. As long as you use a cutting board and a trivet when necessary, normal cleaning should keep a laminate countertop looking great. Depending on the countertop’s location, the easiest way to wipe away spills is with a Mr Muscle® kitchen or bathroom cleaner.


Walk into any bakery and you’ll probably find a marble countertop. That’s because marble counters keep things cool when working with dough, which makes it a great material for families who like to have fun and bake together.

But just like granite, marble countertops require a seal, and without proper sealing, these countertops will soak up stains left and right.

If dirt and grime happen to find their way to your countertop, use a Mr Muscle® kitchen cleaner to wipe them away. If stains find their way to your countertop, consult a specialist.

Stainless steel

The biggest concern with stainless steel countertops is the fact that they smudge to the touch, and anyone who has kids will know that they have tendency to get their handprints everywhere. Stainless steel countertops may require daily maintenance with soap and water to keep them sparkling.

It’s always recommended to read a product’s label or look in the Mr Muscle Solution Finder to learn which products can safely be used on which surfaces.