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Using Strength and Smarts: How to Unclog A Drain


Clogged drain slowing life down? Luckily, Mr Muscle has been researching solutions for even the most blocked sinks and clogged up baths. Here are some tips for getting to the bottom of clogs and your day back on track.


Many clogs can be avoided. Using a sink strainer in bathroom and kitchen sinks should cut down on the debris that can gum up the works. And shower clogs are a result of a build-up of hair and residue, so use a hair-catcher as a preventative measure to minimise what goes down your drain.

Lab Note:

Add a capful of drain cleaner to your drains each month as another preventative measure to keep blockage at bay.


For especially stubborn clogs, or just to be sure your pipes are completely clean, there is nothing more effective than Mr Muscle drain products, which are specifically designed to powerfully attack and dissolve build-ups of hair, soap scum and grease.

A plunger can be used to dislodge debris from either type of sink. However, if you are plunging through standing water, make sure it is cool. Never plunge very hot water, or drain gel.

A plunger can provide enough power to clear up most blocked traffic in a toilet. For more advanced blockages (like toys flushed by a curious toddler), first remove excess water with a bucket. Using a flanged plunger, place the cup over the drain outlet opening in the toilet. Plunge up and down rapidly. Slowly pour a bucket of water into the bowl to flush debris through the drain.

Lab Note:

Keep in mind that no clog is worth permanently damaging a pipe or fixture. If you cannot clear a clog after a few attempts, turn the task over to a professional.

Always refer to the instructions on the product label before using any Mr Muscle product.