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Cleaning Basics: How to Properly Clean Different Floor Types


The floor is where life happens. It is a part of every action you take in your home. It is where children play, couples dance, and families gather – so it is important to make sure your floors look great and inviting to guests, and cosy to you and your family. Here is a list of ways to clean different types of floors in your house.


Carpets are the perfect flooring option for children learning to crawl and walk. But as soon as children start to move, they start to make messes. When in doubt about a stain, try using the Solution Finder to discover the perfect solution for your common cleaning needs.

Ceramic tiles

With so many colours and styles to choose from, a ceramic tile floor can wow your guests and become the centre piece of any room. Use a Mr Muscle® all-purpose cleaner to keep your ceramic tiles looking as good as new.


There are many different types of hardwood flooring, and each type requires different care. Using any product that is not specifically for cleaning hardwood floors can cause damage. Here’s a guide for different types:

  • Sealed hardwood – Because it’s sealed, your hardwood floor is protected against most cleaning products. Use a Mr Muscle® all-purpose floor cleaner to help get your floor looking shiny and new.
  • Unsealed hardwood – Because it’s unsealed, your hardwood floor is not well protected, even against water. Mr Muscle recommends always sealing your hardwood floor before using any cleaning products on it. Consult the floor manufacturer for the safest cleaning process.

With children, pets, science projects, and crazy dinners – spills are a part of life. But the longer you wait to clean a spill, the more likely the laminate will be to weaken and warp. Use a Mr Muscle® all-purpose cleaner to take care of it as soon as possible.


Marble floors are beautiful but fragile. Most traditional floor cleaners are too harsh for this fragile surface, so it is safest to clean with plain water. Try preventative methods, like placing a doormat at entrances that lead to your marble floor, for cleaning shoes before entering the house.


Having pets is a great way to teach responsibility to children, but it is also a great way to get scratches all over your floor. Slate flooring is easy to scratch and easy to stain, so it requires a little more care than other flooring materials. Frequent light sweeping may be needed. Try applying a floor sealant to prevent the porous flooring from soaking up spills and acquiring ugly scratches.


Vinyl can be a relatively inexpensive option when it comes to flooring. It has a long life span, while remaining comfortable enough for your family’s bare feet. Sweeping daily can prevent any shine-dulling scratches. And to make that floor sparkling clean, use a Mr Muscle® all-purpose cleaner.

Looking for a way to clean a specific mess on a specific surface? Try the Mr Muscle Solution Finder to find the perfect solution.

If you are uncertain whether the product can be used on your floor type, always test first by using the product on a smaller, inconspicuous area of your floor. Please be careful when floors are wet, as they will be slippery.