Mr Muscle® Probiotic Drain Cleaner

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Mr Muscle ® Probiotic Drain Cleaner helps keep pipes clean for full flow capacity. With this unique probiotic and enzymes drain cleaner you can forget about clogs and enjoy fresh citrus scent.

  • Probiotics eat odour-causing gunk to help keep pipes clean and prevent clogs 
  • Eliminates sink odour caused by build up in pipes and drains
  • Helps prevent build up that may lead to a clog in your sink 
  • Unique formula free of bleach
  • Leaves a fresh, citrus scent 

Always refer to the instructions on the product label before using any Mr Muscle product.


Instructions for Use. Start-Up Treatment.
For Drains: Run warm water for one minute. Turn off water and pour 1/2 of the bottle (250ml) into drain. Briefly run WARM water again (approximately 500ml ). Avoid ruining water for 6-8 hours*.
For Slow-Running Toilets: 1. Flush 1/3rd (166ml ) of the bottle down toilet for 3 consecutive days. 2. Don't flush for 6-8 hours* after initial treatment. *lt may be easiest to treat before going to bed or work.
On-going Treatment: Pour 1/4 (125ml ) of the bottle down each drain and 1/3rd (166ml ) down each toilet every 2-4 weeks. NOTE: Initial use may cause loosened build-up to slow or, in rare cases, block the flow of water. Don't worry—this means Mr Muscle Probiotic Drain Cleaner is working to remove build-up. Simply plunge and repeat the treatment. For best results: Clear pipes of any clogs before start-up treatment with Mr Muscle Probiotic Drain Cleaner. Use as directed.  This product will not open clogs.

Safety Precautions

Keep out of reach of children. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. Wash hands thoroughly after handling.