Mr Muscle® Platinum Kitchen Gel

Mr Muscle® Kitchen Gel cuts through standing water in your clogged drain, dissolving even the toughest grease clogs.

Use it once a week to clear blockages and slow-running drains anywhere in your home.

Just pour the entire contents of the bottle down the plughole to attack the blockage directly, and after waiting 5 minutes, flush with hot water (allowing longer for tough clogs).

With a formula that clears drains 3x better than bleach*, getting rid of blockages and their unpleasant odors, Mr Muscle® Kitchen Gel allows you to clean less and live more.


1. Pour the entire contents of the bottle down the plughole.

2. Allow to work for 5 minutes. For tough clogs, leave to work longer.

3. Flush with hot water from the tap. To keep sinks and plugholes clean, use Mr Muscle® Kitchen Gel weekly. To deep clean your entire pipe use Mr Muscle® Drain Foamer.


IMPORTANT: Open carefully. Do not squeeze bottle. Avoid splashing. When using product, keep hands, face and children away from the treated area. Do not use a plunger afterwards as the product may still be present if the plughole did not clear. Do not re-use empty container. Avoid gold-plated fittings. Do not use in sinks with waste disposal units, in toilets or on old, damaged or worn enamel or chrome.