Mr Muscle® Orange Action Floor Wipes

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Mr Muscle® Orange Action Floor Wipes are pre-moistened with special cleaning agents to defeat day-to-day spills and stains so you can clean less and do more.

  • Strong, pre-moistened wipes with orange oil and special cleaning agents
  • Removes dust, dirt, spills and stains
  • Comes in a convenient pouch
Always refer to the instructions on the product label before using any Mr Muscle product.
  • Orange Action Floor Wipes


  1. Open wipe out on flat surface and place the sweeper head in the centre of the wipe.
  2. Push the edges of the wipe into the sweeper grippers.
  3. Wipe up dirt, spills or stains.
  4. When finished cleaning, just throw away the wipes. Do not flush down the toilet.

Mr Muscle Floor Wipes can also be used with a sponge or by hand.

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