Are Mr. Muscle® products safe for use on the surfaces in my home?

Always read the back of label before using any Mr. Muscle® product and follow the directions for use. Test product on an hidden or unseen area before use. If in doubt about whether it is suitable for use on your surface, refer to manufacturer's instructions.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

I care about sustainability. Are Mr. Muscle® products recyclable?

Many elements of Mr. Muscle® products and packaging can be recycled. Find a recycling centre near you. By improving our products, encouraging choices that are environment-friendly, using fewer resources and reducing waste, we are constantly working to make products that you feel good about using in your home. Learn more about SC Johnson’s commitment to sustainability.

What are Mr. Muscle® products made of? Are they safe for my family and pets?

We work hard to choose the best ingredients, making sure they’re responsible with respect to the environment and human health, and communicate about them openly.

Do Mr. Muscle® products contain CFCs?

SC Johnson aerosols have been chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) free since 1975.

What is Mr. Muscle®’s privacy policy?

Mr. Muscle® and our parent company, SC Johnson, value the trust you place in us when you provide us with your personal information. We take your privacy seriously and are committed to protecting it. Read the SC Johnson Privacy Notice.

I have feedback or questions about a Mr. Muscle® product. Who should I contact?

As a family company, we care about making life cleaner, easier and better for families. We want to hear your thoughts, suggestions and questions.

Contact SC Johnson directly.

For products and contacts outside of the Philippines, please click here for contact information for your nearest SC Johnson worldwide location.